JiHe Machinery - is always devoted to being the first-rate supplier of castings

Changzhou JiHe Machinery Co., Ltd is an integrated manufacturing enterprise which includes casting, machining and trading. Our headquarter is situated in Changzhou, Jiangsu, which is close to Shanghai and Nanjing. Engaging ourselves in various fields, such as internal combustion engine, engineering machinery, agricultural equipment, auto parts, railway parts, etc, we have been the main supplier of many well-known brands, such as CNH, Polaris, Yuchai Power, Alliance and so on.

Jihe is of great casting capacity: Apart from one set of Disa molding line and one resin sand casting line, we also own one V-process line and evaporative pattern casting lines. What’s more, close-related machining basements bring us the ability of completely independent development from drawings to products. To guarantee excellent quality and precise dimension, Jihe has equipped with series of mechanical and chemical testing facilities. 

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